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Air Creation X Louka Azzopardi

Air Creation X Louka Azzopardi: an eco-responsible collaboration

Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2023

At Air Creation, we have been committed to an eco-responsible approach for several years. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our activity by implementing concrete actions to reduce waste production, limit CO2 emissions, and preserve natural resources. Today, Air Creation is proud to announce its collaboration with Louka Azzopardi, a young designer specialized in eco-responsible bag-making, for the creation of a range of unique and durable satchels made from upcycled fabrics recovered from our microlight production. This initiative is part of a larger eco-responsible approach aimed at reducing Air Creation's environmental impact and offering quality products manufactured with respect for the environment.

Louka Azzopardi is a designer passionate about upcycling, the transformation of recovered materials into new quality objects. A graduate of the ISDAT Toulouse Art school, he founded his own bag-making brand in 2018, with a mission to offer innovative and environmentally respectful products.

In collaboration with Air Creation, Louka Azzopardi is working on the design of an eco-responsible range of satchels made from fabrics recovered from microlight production. The satchels will be both unique and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

This collaboration allows Air Creation to significantly reduce waste production by valuing fabrics that were previously discarded. Additionally, this initiative is part of a larger eco-responsible approach aimed at reducing the company's environmental impact.

For Louka Azzopardi, this collaboration is an opportunity to put his passion for upcycling into practice and to offer unique products that combine quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

The range of satchels is already available.