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Our values

Our mission has always been to participate in the development of ultralight aviation, while maintaining the very essence of the pendular microlight: accessibility, pleasure and simplicity.

Our values ​​are based on five guiding principles:


The passion for flight, for the sky!

We do not choose the trikes randomly, like all aircrafts, it is above all a childhood dream. Dreaming of rubbing shoulders with the clouds like a bird, it is from this idea that the first Air Creation’s trikes were born.

Permanent innovation!

 We have always made a point of honor to improve our products to such an extent that the microlights leaving our production lines are much different with those of the 80s. Our innovations do not only apply to our devices, they also concern our design and manufacturing methods. 

The devices and team's sustainability 

Choosing Air Création means choosing a durable, robust and reliable surroundings, Air Création trikes are resistant to time. Some trikes, over 30 years old, are still maintained by our network. Our team is mainly made of collaborators who have been at your side for many years.

Everyone's safety

Anxious to make the flight safer, we have implemented procedures, rules and innovations in this direction. Our trikes are exclusively equipped with an engine designed for recreational aviation. All new models are tested in static and real conditions. The wings are subject to vehicle stability tests. Everything is done to ensure the safety of pilots and passengers. 

Constant quality

From service to products, we are committed to offer our pilots the best quality. A customized service, from the beginning of your project you will be accompanied by our teams, to choose, personalize and maintain your trike. With attention to detail, our microlights are much more than simple flying machines. They are real gems for flight lovers.