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Weight-shift controlled aircraft designed for all flight, discover now the range of Air Création's trikes

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Présentation de Air Création

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Air Création
World Leader in pendular microlights

World leader in weight-shift controlled aircraft (motorized hang-gliders - MHG), we design and manufacture the wings and tricycles that make up our aircraft. Our wide range makes it possible to offer each pilot a set perfectly adapted to his wishes (local flight, long-distance flight, training, initiation, photography, dropping parachutists, competition, scientific missions, etc...).

Established in Ardèche since 1982, our expertise and experience, associated with the use of advanced technologies, allow us to develop our aircraft in order to always optimize comfort, performance and safety.

Ambassador of French aeronautical expertise, Air Création microlights are present on all continents.

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Présentation de Air Création

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Présentation de Air Création

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