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Who are us?

Ingénierie et bureau d’études

Pioneer in the design and manufacture of Ultra-Light Motorized pendulum type aircraft, we offer a wide range, allowing each pilot to be offered a combination perfectly suited to their requirements, for leisure or specific activities (local flight, long course, training, initiation, photography, dropping parachutists, competition, scientific missions, etc...).

Established in the south of France, in Ardèche, since 1982, we design and produce our own wings and tricycles. Our team expertise and experience, combined with the use of advanced technologies, allow us to develop our aircraft to always optimize comfort, performance, reliability, robustness and safety.

Ambassador of French aeronautical expertise, Air Création microlights fly over all continents. 
The passion that still drives its founders Gilles BRU & Jean-Yves LE BIHAN is at the origin of this “success story”. The two pilots knew how to surround themselves with a brilliant, competent, strong and loyal team, propelling Air Création from a small workshop to a production plant in just a few years. Revolutionizing the Pendulum trikes of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Présent dans 100 pays

Present in 100 countries

4500 tricycles vendus

4500 trikes sold

8000 ailes produites

8000 wings produced

40 années d'expertises

40 years expertise

A Know-how

Proud of the skills and know-how of our entire team, from the wing to the tricycle, all the devices are designed, developed, manufactured and tested within the company.

The know-how is divided into several areas

The engineering and design office

Directed by Stéphane CHAUSSE and supervised by Gilles BRU, the research and development (R&D) division allows Air Création to invent the tomorrow trikes but also to carry out permanent work to improve its products. Equipped with high-end CAD/DAO software and 3D printing tools, our design office is more efficient than ever for the study and the production of prototypes.

Ingénierie et bureau d’études

The sailmaker and upholstery workshop

Equipped with a workshop of 8 industrial sewing machines, a strap cutting machine and a fabric laser plotter-cutter (7.2m x 2.5m), our sailmaker workshop carries out all the necessary cutting and sewing operations in the sails making and the upholstery of the trikes.

Création d'une voilerie

The welding

In 2004 the company Air Création decided to register the development of the structural elements of its tricycles in modernity. For this, the company has set up a TIG and pulsed MIG welding workshop allowing it to control the entire chain of welding procedures to ensure quality and robustness. All the elements designed within the mechanical design office are cut by laser process, which gives great precision and limits the deformation phenomena. Whether in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, Air Création has made this technique a trademark.


The wing mechanics

A specialized team is responsible for manufacturing and assembling the structure of the wing, made of aluminum tubes, cables and fittings. Then comes the assembly of the sail on this structure. And finally, the final adjustments in collaboration with the test pilots.

La Mécanique Ailes

The trike mechanics

Within the production workshop, the tricycle passes into the hands of a multidisciplinary team which comes to assemble the chassis then expand it with all the necessary elements (landing gear, engine, upholstery, electronics, propeller, fairings, etc...), at its flight.

Mécanique Tricycles