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Kit PixeL

Build your own trike

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024

ready in less than 2 weeks!


Air Creation PixeL kit does not require any particular qualifications or specific tools. All parts are ready and bolt on.No drilling, no welding, no seewing !

And available Part 103

What in the box ?

PixeL Trike iFun13 Polini 303 Engine HeliX Propeller EMS 

17 420 € Excl.Tax.

Mounted with the iFun 13 wing or its SP version (Short Pack), it can be unfold by a single person in less than 15 minutes or transported on a light trailer without disassembly! Despite its light weight (110kg equipped with the iFun 13 wing), the Pixel POLINI 303 includes the following equipment : instruments panel with windshield, electric starter, foot/hand throttle, side flanks and trunk. For comfort and safety: three-point belts, 4-position fork, brake, adjustable seat,headrest, front mudguard, wheels on ball bearings, in-flight accessible bag, upperbeam and front tube lined by a cable. Tested at +6/-3G and 3G in vertical impact simulation and 15G forward for engine support and tank. For optimum safety, the iFun POLINI 303 can be equipped with a very light rescue parachute (pneumatic extraction), less than 4 kg. (option)