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Max Speed

110 Km/h

Stall Speed

44 Km/h

Max Mass

230 kg


4.5 l/h

The single seater according to Air Création !

It will satisfy both local flights and solo adventurers !


The Pixel and the iFun 13 were designed for each other and their association represent the microlight aircraft essence, it is a real gem of simplicity and authenticity reminiscent the mythical Racer of the 80s. Economical & easy to handle, this set does not sacrifice the comfort and sturdiness that Air Création knows how to demonstrate. Far from being a simple trike with auxiliary motorization, the Pixel iFun 13 couple offers a substantial payload, sufficient space for luggage and enough autonomy to consider travelling.

Truly Ultra-Light Motorized, this single-seater tricycle powered by the Polini Thor 303, which delivers amazing thrust, has nothing to envy to its big two-seater brothers. Simple, economical & modern, the Pixel benefits as standard :


  • Mechanically welded steel frame
  • Composite console
  • MGL Blaze Instrumentation
  • Central bag
  • Electric starter
  • Double accelerator (foot / hand)
  • 3-points winder belt
  • Adjustable fork
  • Braked front wheel & parking brake
  • Pneumatic extraction parachute option

Developed specifically for the Pixel, the iFun 13 is a modern wing (Double Surface with External Transversal) designed to offer maximum piloting pleasure while maintaining great simplicity of assembly, use and maintenance.

This wing has a playful character while maintaining stability and defense in turbulent conditions.


  • Leading edge in « Lite Skin® » fabrics
  • Upper surface Trilam UV-Stop fabric
  • 40% Double surface

With a wide speed range and exceptional maneuverability, the iFun 13 will be perfect for leisure flights and bucolic outings.

Also available in SP version (Short Pack), the iFun 13 can be folded onto the trike in a few minutes. Perfect for reducing your trike's storage space, but also for faciliating transport.


Polini Thor 303

Max Speed (level) 110 km/h
Min Speed (level) 44 km/h
Cruising Speed  75 km/h
Stall Speed 44 km/h
Speed not to exceed  120 km/h
Max Speed (do not exceed in very turbulent air)  88 km/h
Rate of climb  4,5 m/s
Take-off distance  40 m
Passage of 15 m 90 m
Landing distance  35 m
Passage of 15 m 135 m
Height 3 m
Wingspan  9 m
Lenght  3.5 m
Wing area  13 m²
Profile type  40%
Ability  1
Empty weight  96 kg
Maximum mass  230 kg
Payload  134 kg
Engine Polini Thor 303
Power  38 ch
Propeller  Helix H40 F 
Tank Capacity  16 l
Consumption  4,5 l/h
Autonomy 3h30